Unfold offers a range of thinking styles and behaviours workshops designed to support enhanced performance and wellbeing for leaders and their team members. Across the various workshops, attendees are introduced to theories from social sciences (psychology, sociology, etc) that highlight what influences how we think, feel and behave at work. Attendees have opportunities to consider how and why they and others respond as they do in certain situations. They then learn about various frameworks for exploring and adapting habits of thinking and behaving in order to be more successful and fulfilled. Workshops are very experiential, with lots of interactive exercises, reflection, group discussions, planning, and more practice.


Current workshops are listed below. Click on the links for overviews. Workshops are run inhouse and adapted to suit the learning requirements of the attendees.


Coaching Skills for Leaders

Preventing the Perils of Perfectionism 

Thriving Through Change

Leading Through Change


Unfold also offers design and delivery of bespoke behaviour change workshops. A recent example includes a workshop focused on overcoming self-limiting habits at work (identifying tasks and situations that people avoid at work, discussing the consequences for the individual/team/organisation, exploring the reasons for avoidance, learning about and practicing frameworks for adapting thinking and overcoming avoidance). Another example is a coaching skills workshop for HR staff, where they learned about and practiced key skills and frameworks for effective coaching conversations, and discussed when to consult and when to coach.