Thriving Through Change


To manage ever shifting market demands organisations must transition through change in order to remain competitive and sustainable.  Periods of organisational change naturally encompass uncertainty and ambiguity.  For some people this can result in doubt, fear, and stress, whilst for others it can seem exciting and opportunistic. Our personal attitudes and reactions to change can determine how we function during such times.  Resilience is a key contributor to dealing with change in a positive, productive and healthy way.  Understanding our own reactions to change and learning to manage those reactions can enable us to become more resilient and manage uncertainty with less adversity.  This in turn has a positive impact on personal effectiveness and wellbeing. 

Outline and Objectives:


This workshop draws on theory and practice to introduce participants to methods for recognising their attitudes to uncertainty and change, identify their typical reactions to change, and consider personal tactics to become more change ready and resilient.  Following the workshop attendees will have an understanding of:


  • The importance / challenges of organisational change

  • The challenges of change for individuals

  • How perceptions interact with reactions to change

  • How to flex/adapt perceptions of change

  • The role of resilience in navigating change

  • How to become more resilient