“The main turning point for me was the realisation that I am capable of doing more than I am in my current role… This really was the conclusion of lengthy discussions and thought-provoking questioning from Vicky that gave me the opportunity to express myself in a way that would help fulfill my ambitions and realise my potential”



“I had time to think, reflect and find best options for achieving my goals. I am now determined to realise my potential and look forward to future challenges!”



“I made contact with Vicky with the aim to understand how I could move from my current role and into a more senior and strategic post. Vicky has been a huge support in helping me understand my strengths, weaknesses abilities and areas requiring development- in line with my aspirations and career ambitions. Her methodical yet amiable approach in discussion and her ability to analyse the salient points and deal with them is what impressed me. At the outset of the coaching sessions we defined a set of goals for the sessions and she kept the agenda focused regardless of where the conversation and discussion ended. I would thoroughly recommend Vicky as a coach to anyone who wants to understand the steps needed in their journey to fulfill their career goals as she has certainly proved this to me.”



“Victoria trained a small group of us in Coaching Psychology. It was a fantastic course - well thought out, informative, fun, interactive, ethical and very practical. I thoroughly enjoyed the course itself but it was Victoria who made it interesting, insightful and her love for the subject very much shone through. I could not recommend her teaching and her course more”



“She is an expert in coaching psychology and her ability to explain complex concepts in a fun and easy-to-understand fashion is quite remarkable. Through her I also gained extensive knowledge of applied tools and techniques for coaching which now form the basis for my professional coaching work. I highly recommend Dr. Ellam-Dyson as a coach, trainer and teacher”



“Her grasp on the subject, her mannerism and the ease with which she helped me resolve some of my own issues are only some of the reasons for me to recommend her”