Shifting values 


This can be particularly pertinent when progressing from expert to leader, or into more senior leadership roles.  People are often promoted into leadership roles in recognition of demonstrating high levels of capability and competence in a previous role.  Whilst their expertise made them successful in the previous role it can become an obstacle to their success in the new leadership role.  It can be particularly problematic where one values being seen by others as the expert and enjoys being recognised for their individual contributions.  As a leader they are now expected to support their team members in becoming experts. Whilst this will very likely involve sharing their knowledge and expertise with team members, opportunities for recognition of their own individual contributions are reduced. They must learn to value getting things done through others. And they must learn to value time spent thinking about the future and developing strategies to make their team and organisation successful.   

If you are a leader in a new role, coaching can assist you in acknowledging what you must do more and less of, and help you to adjust to these new ways of operating. It can help you with making the value shifts required to enable you to empower others, and to see the importance of spending time doing what might feel like nothing much! Thinking, planning, and setting objectives are essential for the success, growth, and sustainability of your team. By spending time in these activities you are doing a great service to yourself, your team, and your organisation.