Raising awareness of self and others:


Lack of self-awareness has been identified as a key contributor to leader derailment (stalling on or falling off the leadership ladder). Self-awareness as a leader means having clarity and understanding of your thoughts, feelings and behaviour, and how your emotions and actions affect those around you. It means also being clear about your strengths and weaknesses (not over-inflating or under-estimating your capabilities).


Awareness of others enables leaders to adapt their style appropriately for individual team members.  This involves understanding their approaches to working and their preferences for leadership.  Some people prefer to have autonomy whilst others prefer close supervision; some like to have freedom to try out new ideas whilst others prefer direct instruction; some are happy to openly discuss their thoughts and ideas whilst others prefer less public forums. Adapting your approach to suit the individual needs of those who work for you increases the likelihood of them being more productive, engaged, and happy. Everyone's a winner...including you!


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