Psychological flexibility:


In coaching, the influence of leaders' thinking and behaviours on themselves, others, and the business are explored.  Do they help or hinder the future of the organisation? Is there a reasonable balance of rational and intuitive thinking, for example? Rigid perspectives and ways of working obstruct creativity and innovation in the workplace. Innovation is a key ingredient for organisational success, without it organisations risk stagnation or collapse (think Kodak!). More flexible approaches are a must to support innovation, organisational growth and sustainability.

As a leader, coaching can assist you in developing psychological flexibility, inspiring you to explore different perspectives; enabling you to respond and adapt effectively to different situations.  The process can be psycho-educational as you learn to understand the connections between your thinking and behaviours, and how flexing your thinking can help in developing more performance enhancing behaviours.  Beliefs and behaviours identified as conducive to positive change are practiced and evaluated during the course of the coaching.


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