This workshop will benefit those who would like to improve the performance and wellbeing of themselves and/or others where there are ‘stickages’.  Performance interfering thoughts (PITs), such as ‘shoulds, musts and what ifs’ can prevent us from pursuing and achieving goals that are important to us.  These PITs are often linked to perfectionism.  A desire for a perfect outcome can lead us to behave in counterproductive ways, such as avoidance, procrastination, micromanaging, etc.  Procrastination can lead to stress, anxiety and guilt. Micromanaging has a detrimental effect on those being managed and can lead to issues with wellbeing and productivity. 

Preventing the Perils of Perfectionism

The workshop introduces methods for exploring patterns of thinking and beliefs that can interfere with performance, along with how to challenge performance interfering thoughts and turn them into performance enhancing thoughts (PETs) to support the development of more effective and sustainable habits of thinking and behaving. It involves whole group and small group exercises working through real life scenarios to illustrate how change can happen.


Following the workshop participants will have:


  • an understanding of how beliefs/thoughts influence behaviours relating to avoidance, procrastination and need for control

  • learned to recognise the presence of performance interfering thoughts

  • an understanding of how to make appropriate use of tools for exploring and challenging performance interfering thoughts with themselves and others

  • an understanding of how to turn performance interfering thoughts into performance enhancing thoughts

  • awareness of the importance of practicing new ways of thinking and behaving in order to enable sustained positive change