The workshop includes knowledge transfer and group work.  Attendees are introduced to models drawn from theory and practice that are designed to help leaders effectively manage themselves and others through change.  They will learn to recognise what stages of change their team members are at, what prevents them from moving forward, and how to aid transition through the different stages.   


Learning Objectives:


  • Understand the psychology of change

  • Understand the role of leadership to engender change

  • Have awareness of one's own responses to change  

  • Know how to recognise others reactions to change

  • Recognise limiting beliefs that influence resistance to change

  • Understand how to help others overcome barriers and embrace change

  • Develop a plan to aid others through stages of change





Leading Through Change


Change is a fundamental requirement for organisational sustainability.  Organisational change naturally has an impact on employees, and whilst change can bring great opportunities for learning and growth it can engender adversity. Doubt, fear, and stress can be common for many people during times of uncertainty and change. Whether instigators or propagators of change, leaders are required to manage the process and people in ways which make the change experience as positive as possible. Positive transition through change helps maintain performance and wellbeing, and thus organisational success.