"The use of psychology in coaching and training offers real value in adapting behaviours to be more positive and enable successful sustainable outcomes" 

Things we need leaders to be doing more of:

We know from research that poor leadership has a detrimental effect on the satisfaction and health of those being led: 70% say that the most stressful aspect of their job is their boss. Stress in the workplace negatively impacts performance, productivity, and wellbeing. It can lead to burnout and potentially more serious mental and physical health conditions.  It is the biggest cause of sickness in the UK.  And it's expensive - it costs UK employers £1.24bn per year! 

"With the right leadership the workplace can be a less stressful, more fulfilling, and more productive environment"

Things leaders do that cause themselves and others stress:



Being perfectionistic

Being unavailable

Not delegating

Not asking for or listening to others opinions

Slow decision making

Poor communication

Being angry & shouty!

Not sharing a clear strategy & compelling vision


This is not an exhaustive list...!

Let's be fair, leaders get stressed too. Most leaders don't set out to be terrible! But their journey into leadership is all too often unsupported. They may have had leadership training but not the opportunity and support to put new knowledge and skills into practice. We need to support leaders in doing the right thing.  Coaching can assist leaders in bridging the 'knowing-doing' gap to help them and their followers enjoy the benefits of good leadership...'

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Some key ingredients of coaching include;  raising awareness, shifting values, developing psychological flexibility.


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